InSite Holdings LLC

Everything is InSite

InSite Holdings, LLC is dedicated to providing enterprises, no matter their size, with the strategies that increase profitability today so that wealth is sustained tomorrow. With more than 20 years of experience helping businesses achieve their operational and financial goals, execution and measurement is the focus of every plan.

InSite Holdings LLC operates under the following core values:

• There are no shortcuts to service excellence
• People do matter
• We never have enough knowledge
• We will exceed expectations
• All client information is confidential
• We enjoy what we do and the people we deal with
• We only strive to create value for our clients

We believe that every growth opportunity is an important one. InSite Holdings LLC provides customized guidance to help businesses make wise decisions with confidence. InSite Holdings LLC is rapidly becoming the leading business resource for companies seeking to expand their business globally or to position it for a transition.

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1. Business & Strategic Planning

• Business, Strategic, and Organizational Planning
• Financial Modeling and Analysis
• Alliances / JV / Outsourcing / Licensing
• Consolidation Models
• Succession Plans

2. Acquisition, Divestiture & Corporate Advisory

• Acquisition and/or Divestiture of Companies
• Due Diligence Review or Construction
• Negotiations / Deal Structures
• Financial Restructuring

3. Corporate Restructuring

• Management Reviews
• Turn Around Management
• Corporate & Financial Reorganization
• Expansion Stage Management